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Jon Gruden thinks Colin Kaepernick will be back on a roster soon

Further, this puts a lot of pressure on Babe keeping his personal life together and could strain his relationship with you. Babe has not been what you’d call obedient to his managers. When Carrigan imposed a rule prohibiting eating during the game, Babe sneaked around the rules, stashing food in the clubhouse for midgame snacks. That, and his late-night activity, might have worked when he wasn’t playing in three-quarters of games, but his lack of focus and his resistance to authority could get out of hand if you partially accede to his demands here. He might, for instance, decide he doesn’t want to pitch on his regular schedule anymore, leading to the sort of distractions that can cost you your clubhouse.

Back in 2016, Bell piled up 336 touches in just 12 games—an average of 28 touches a contest. Over the span of an entire 16-game slate, that would put Bell well over 400 touches.

The historical data for running backs who go over even 370 touches in a season is not kind. Most regress. Many get hurt—and Bell has played in 16 games only once in five years.

Bell was able to buck the historical trend with a huge year in 2017. Doing so again in 2018 would be even more of an anomaly.

And if Bell misses significant time, the Steelers’ chances of making it to the Super Bowl are kaput.

Over the past two seasons, Babe has been one of the three best pitchers in baseball and clearly the best left-hander. Only two pitchers have thrown more innings: Walter Johnson and Pete Alexander. Only two pitchers (Alexander and Eddie Cicotte) have lower ERAs than Babe. In that time, Ruth has allowed just two home runs, in 650 innings, the lowest rate of any pitcher.

Shurmer noted Marshall has yet to pass a physical, and is trying to get healthy. Marshall saw action in just five games last year because of an ankle injury. He struggled in those contests, registering just 154 receiving yards and no touchdowns while making a couple of critical drops. The 33-year-old has no guaranteed money for 2018, the final season of a two-year, $11-million deal he signed with the Giants as a free agent last offseason. Marshall, who’s never appeared in a playoff game, said at the end of December he wants to play two more seasons.

First off, congratulations on your excellent start to the season. We’re sure you felt some nerves taking on the managerial job in Boston this year, but you’ve guided our club to a 12-5 record and a spot atop the AL standings.patriots_321

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Before the season, the thought of dealing a talent like Jay Ajayi for a fourth-round pick would seem laughable.

He’s coming off a year in which he was fourth in the NFL in rushing, and sixth in yards per carry. Those numbers may have dropped off this year, but his rate stats are nearly the same. He’s still averaging 2.8 yards after contact (fifth-best in the NFL) and his 23 broken tackles are the fourth-most at the position. The Miami offensive line just took a drastic step backward this year. The Eagles don’t have that problem and are currently PFF’s seventh-ranked run-blocking unit.

In taking time to explain to the world why Parks protested racism in America, Trump has revealed that he is capable of understanding the concerns of marginalized communities when he chooses to do so. To his critics, the president’s refusal to grant NFL players the recognition that he has given to Parks suggests that his actions aren’t because he fails to comprehend the magnitude of their protests, but rather that he simply desires not to.
Trump’s apparent inconsistency alarmed many activists Saturday.

Unlike other power rankings, these take into account a team’s actual record, what its record should be based on points scored and allowed — also known as its Pythagorean win percentage — and how much better or worse its opponents are in relation to a .500 team. A good team playing against good opponents will be near the top, while one that struggles against mediocre or poor teams will trend toward the bottom. A more detailed description of the method can be found in the Week 1 rankings.

“If we are disrespecting the flag, then we won’t play. Period. Period,” Jones told reporters Sunday (via the Dallas Morning News). “We’re going to respect the flag.”

The 74-year-old, who purchased the Cowboys in 1989, reiterated that stance to Mortensen, saying in the reporter’s words that there “will be no exceptions to [the] workplace policy.” Jones said he had implemented that policy last year, after seeing players on other teams refuse to stand during the anthem, in protests of racial injustice that began with former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.cowboys_099

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Colin Kaepernick’s attorney: Texans not signing QB makes collusion case stronger

Colin Kaepernick’s attorney watched recently as the Texans scoured the market for available quarterbacks in the wake of Deshaun Watson’s season-ending injury.

Attorney Mark Geragos thought that A) Given the lack of talented QBs available and B) Given Texans owner Bob McNair’s recent controversial remarks (“We can’t let the inmates run the prison”) that infuriated many Houston players, the team might be open to signing Kaepernick.

“I just don’t understand the Texans,” Geragos said. “If I’m Bob McNair, and maybe I’m addled and maybe I’m sick, I just don’t know. I mean, I’ll find out when I do his deposition. But if I’m Bob McNair and I’ve already misspoke and my players want to come and beat the crap out of me, I think that somebody should be whispering in my ear, ‘Sign Kap, sign Kap.’ Because that can redeem you, I would think, just from a public relations standpoint.”

Legal analysts have said they believe Kaepernick’s legal team will have a hard time proving NFL team owners have colluded to keep the quarterback out of the league.

The least enticing contest sees the 49ers host the Giants in a game featuring two teams with one win between them.

The Rams boast the second-best scoring offense in the league and now get a Texans team quarterbacked by Tom Savage. Los Angeles’ defense is seventh in the NFL in takeaways. Putting this team against Savage as well as Houston’s 21st-ranked pass defense is a recipe for a blowout.

Dallas will be without Elliott on Sunday after his six-game suspension finally stuck. The Cowboys should still be favorites against the Falcons, though, and with Atlanta allowing 114.5 rush yards per game, it will be no surprise if Alfred Morris, Darren McFadden, Rod Smith and even Dak Prescott are able to engineer success on the ground.broncos_096-500x500

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