His assists are right around his norm, despite dramatically less on-ball time playing next to Harden, and his passing efficiency is outrageous, with an assist-to-turnover rate well over five (one of the best single-season marks in history, if it holds up).

The Patriots had their usual bit of trouble with Miami, including two Tom Brady turnovers, before turning it on and pulling away. They now have become the offensive and defensive machine we thought they would be earlier in the season.

They made it interesting against the desperate Packers, but for a second straight game, Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell took over. That’s a great sign before the big showdown with the Patriots just around the corner.

“It’s been a dream come true to play at OU,” Mayfield said. “Although I grew up in Austin, Texas, I was always Sooner-born and Sooner-bred. And you know, they say, ‘When I die, I’ll be Sooner-dead,’ and I truly mean that. It’s been a dream for me. And it’s an honor to represent my school.”

After he won the starting job as a walk-on true freshman at Texas Tech, Mayfield bolted for Oklahoma. He showed up in Norman in 2014 without an invitation from then-coach Bob Stoops, much less the promise of a scholarship. But Mayfield grew up a Sooners fan living in Austin, Texas, and wanted to see if he could make it at his “dream school.”

The Eagles need to roll with Nick Foles, but since they squeaked by the Giants in the first meeting with Carson Wentz, they’ve found more rushing power and receiving pop. Their lines are also both built to dominate the Giant’s fronts. Eli Manning doesn’t look like a savior, and New York’s defense has wilted. The new NFC East champions add to their No. 1 seed resume.