Jaromir Jagr said there were two seasons he left the NHL’s Calgary Flames this season for the Kladno Knights, the Czech team he owns.

“I’m here in Kladno, and my only and main goal is to recover, get back to form as soon as possible, to get healthy and help our team to reach the playoffs and try to advance to the [top Czech] league,” he said in February.

One problem: They might have to do it without Jagr, if they make it at all.

Kladno coach Pavel Patera told Blesk.ca that Jagr pulled himself from the game and told him, “You never know what will happen, and maybe we will need to use all the players we can, and I don’t want to take one place in vain.”

Kladno is up 3-2 in its seven-game series with Prostejov, with the next game on Thursday, so Jagr’s path to hitting that games-played quota is a complicated one. Let’s say they win the series, 4-2. Jagr would need to play in that final win and then hope Kladno loses at least one game in the next round so he could play in five more to hit the quota.

But if there’s anything we know about Jagr, it’s that the man likes to have options. Upon leaving the NHL, he also signed a contract with Trinec of the Czech Extraliga and was listed on their roster before the postseason cutoff date. If Kladno doesn’t win this round or the next round to reach the qualification tournament, Jagr could compete in the Czech Extraliga playoffs with Trinec, which begin next week — if he’s healthy. The rub is that once he plays for Trinec, he can no longer play for Kladno if it reaches the relegation round.

As we said when he left the NHL, this could be the end for one of hockey’s most legendary players.

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