3 years of braces were all for nothing. Became a real old time hockey player last night. Thanks to @anaheimducks for the emergency repairs last night.

Rickard Rakell, Anaheim Ducks defenseman: When you see teeth laying on the ice, it’s pretty gross. It happened just a couple games ago, for us, when we were playing Edmonton. Drake Caggiula had six teeth knocked out of his mouth. They were just laying there, in full sight. All the teeth and then some blood.

Matthew Tkachuk, Flames winger: When I was younger, I was probably 10 or 11, I played with a kid who got a skate to the neck. He was bleeding, it nicked his jugular. He went to the hospital — and ended up being fine — but it was really scary. There was a lot of blood.

Yes, between world juniors and the Olympics, they would have missed a chunk of the school year, and two tournaments in two months is a lot of hockey. But why not bring some of the most talented players eligible for Team USA to South Korea?

“I look at it two ways,” Johannson told USA Today last month. “How much hockey is too much hockey for these guys? And secondly, there is a big difference from what the world juniors are and what the Olympics will be. The world juniors is energy hockey and the Olympics will be played by older, experienced guys who play heavy hockey. [Mittelstadt] is obviously a wonderful talent, but I don’t know that the Olympics are right for him at this time in his career.”

It happened when I walked by one stationed outside Moose Mountain. Moose Mountain is a mini golf course where SB Nation’s video team has set up our staging area. As I type this, I’m currently sitting inside a plastic mountain that is the color of a moose. Tourists are mini golfing around us. Twangy country music is blasting from the tiny speakers. The walls inside Moose Mountain are hung with pulleys and old timey-looking tools, which I’m pretty sure are supposed to give off a “mining” vibe. I can hear screams from people riding the roller coasters on the other side of Moose Mountain.

First-round stud Solomon Thomas was a little overwhelmed as a rookie, but he showed late in the season he can live up to his freakish athletic potential. Elvis Dumervil plugged away as an effective situational rusher at times, but he’s 34. Cassius Marsh got a two-year deal as a key backup after playing well post-Patriots discard.

But after finishing tied for 27th in the NFL with only 30 sacks last season, the 49ers could use a big-time, veteran pass-rusher in his prime, a la the Jaguars’ Calais Campbell addition last year.bears_100