The Cowboys can get to 10-6 by winning out, and they host the Seahawks with Ezekiel Elliott in Week 16. The next part of the equation is the Lions losing a game to either the Bengals on the road or Packers at home so Detroit finishes no better than 9-7. Since the Falcons beat the Buccaneers, the Cowboys need the Falcons to lose their final two games.

As improbable as all that sounds, with the Packers eliminated and the Falcons facing two tough final games, the Cowboys are far from dead. Their biggest obstacle is taking care of their own business. After the Seattle game, Dallas travels to Philadelphia, where the Week 17 game still could be big for the Eagles to earn the No. 1 NFC seed.

As crazy it sounds after its Week 15 home debacle, Seattle can still win the NFC West if it wins out (at Dallas, vs. Arizona) and Los Angeles loses out (at Tennessee, vs. San Francisco). That would be a shocking-but-not-totally-impossible development.

For a wild-card spot, the Seahawks need to win out and bury the Cowboys in Week 16. They also need the Falcons to lose twice and the Lions to lose once. Had the Seahawks swept the Rams, they almost certainly would have made the postseason. Now they’re hoping for a minor miracle.

Detroit has a favorable schedule ahead in traveling to reeling Cincinnati and hosting possibly Aaron Rodgers-less Green Bay.

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