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The Lions will be crisscrossing the country this season, but at least the travel is reasonably spaced out, with only two back-to-back trips.

The first back-to-back doesn’t come until Weeks 9 and 10 and that’s with relatively close trips to Minnesota and Chicago.

There will be a little more strain down the stretch when the Lions follow a road game in Arizona with a trip to Buffalo, but again, at least the second leg is only an hour away by plane.

Speaking of awful hitting schedules, may I present to you the Washington Nationals, who will have to tangle with both Jacob deGrom and Clayton Kershaw during Week 3 — not to mention probably also Rich Hill during their weekend series at the Los Angeles Dodgers? The Nationals haven’t extracted a lot of offensive value out of any of their active hitters other than Bryce Harper, and that probably won’t change for slow starters such as Michael Taylor and Ryan Zimmerman, despite the likelihood of four of their six games coming against left-handed starting pitchers.

Obviously, a lot of that has to do with the ongoing collusion case he has filed against the NFL and its teams. Though, Kaepernick himself remains a central figure in large part due to the community work he continues to do around the United States.

No matter our stance on Kaepernick’s politics, he should be given some level of respect for said work and for his fight for equality in the United States.

Apparently, Amnesty International agrees. The group honored Kaepernick Saturday in the Netherlands with its Ambassador of Conscience Award.

But Game 2 was a liberation for DeRozan. It was both an appropriate second episode following a heady, unselfish, if statistically unexceptional Game 1 performance and a portrait of nearly everything the Toronto Raptors — and DeRozan individually — have added to their portfolio as a team: a willingness to work through possessions with additional triggers, a sincere trust in teammates to make the most of opportunities, a desire to maximize the statistical benefits of the 3-point shot. To be sure, DeRozan wreaked plenty of havoc on Washington as an iso-pro, but the effort came seamlessly.seahawks_197

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Nick Mangold to sign one-day retirement deal with Jets

Center Nick Mangold said in February that he wasn’t closing the door on continuing his playing career, but a couple of months have led to a change of heart.
Men's Nike Dallas Cowboys #98 Tyrone Crawford Navy Blue Throwback Alternate Vapor Untouchable Limited Player NFL Jersey
Mangold announced on Tuesday that he will be signing a one-day deal with the Jets next week so that he can retire as a member of the organization. Mangold played 11 years for the Jets after being drafted Gaylord Perry Youth jersey in the first round of the 2006 draft and was released before last season with injuries taking their toll on his ability to remain on the field.

Center fielder Mark Canha made a diving catch on Abreu’s sinking liner to end the third. An inning earlier, the A’s turned a 5-3-6 double play.

The game was played before an announced crowd of 7,479, the second smallest of the season at the Coliseum. It was the fourth time this year the A’s have attracted fewer than 10,000, although it didn’t help that the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors were playing Game 2 of their Western Conference playoff series against the San Antonio Spurs at the same time next door at Oracle Arena.

Tuesday’s game should attract a much larger crowd because tickets are free. Vouchers were previously given out online, and no walkups are available.

We’ll know soon enough if the Bills are going that route in the first round, but AJ McCarron said he’s not going to spend the next week fretting about the possibility. McCarron signed a two-year, $10 million contract with the Bills this offseason that led most people to label him as a bridge quarterback pending the addition of a rookie.

Elite Youth Nat Berhe Jersey At a Tuesday press conference, however, McCarron said that it is not in his DNA to think about what other moves the Bills will be making this offseason. He said he has confidence in his ability to handle the job in Buffalo and is focused on being the best possible leader for the team rather than the team’s draft plans.

McCarron can’t do much other than that at this point. Whatever Buffalo does next week, McCarron has to know his future as a starter in the NFL with the Bills or anyone else will come down to what he shows in the coming months.
Elite Youth Justin Tucker Jersey
Should quarterbacks have input in personnel matters?

The report that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers feels frustration over not being involved in personnel decisions that affect him creates the impression that other quarterbacks get that kind of consideration. Few, if any, ever do.

So here’s the question: Should they?

Daryl Worley charged with DUI, disorderly conduct and other offenses

Philadelphia police announced a slew of charges stemming from the arrest of former Eagles cornerback Daryl Worley on Sunday morning.
Josh McCown Youth Elite White Jersey: Nike NFL New York Jets Vapor Untouchable Road #15
Worley was found passed out in a car outside the team’s practice facility early on Sunday and police used a taser to subdue Worley while placing him under arrest.

Worley has been charged with driving under the influence, disorderly conduct, a violation of the uniform firearms code and related offenses as a result of the incident. Per Philly.com, the charging document lists resisting arrest and possession of an instrument of crime with intent among those other offenses.
Roger Staubach Elite Jersey
Mike Alstott Elite Jersey Butler has since moved on from the Patriots, signing a five-year, $61 million contract with the Titans on March 15.

While players come and go, and the team awaits a retirement decision from tight end Rob Gronkowski, the three faces of the Patriots dynasty are preparing for another year, as always with Super Bowl aspirations.

Kendricks started all 16 regular-season games and both postseason games for the Vikings last season.

Secondly, Grossi seemed to be implying at first that Mayfield was demanding that NFL teams provide him with first-class travel, but if Mayfield was putting that travel on his own personal credit cards, that would mean he’s the one paying for the tickets. If you walk up to the counter at an airport, tell the gate agent which seat you’d like and slide your credit card over, that’s a normal customer service Womens Thomas Vanek Jersey transaction, not a demand.

And most importantly, even if Mayfield is demanding that NFL teams fly him first class, so what? NFL prospects ought to be demanding of teams. These young men are getting poked, prodded and worked out to exhaustion over and over again in the weeks leading up to the draft. If they think they’re going to perform better at their visits with NFL teams if they’ve had comfortable travel, why shouldn’t they say so?

Coach Brett Brown says 76ers and Joel Embiid ‘very unified’ in handling of his injury

Jack Lambert Authentic Jersey
Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown said on Tuesday that the organization, Joel Embiid, his representatives and team doctors are very unified in how Embiid’s injury is being handled.
Men's Nike Tennessee Titans #84 Corey Davis Elite Light Blue Rush Vapor Untouchable NFL Jersey
Internally among the Sixers, there is optimism that Embiid will return when the series is in Miami, although it’s unclear whether he will play in Game 3 on Thursday, according to sources.

Embiid was expected to practice with the team on Tuesday, participating in shooting drills and other non-contact activity. His presence on the practice floor was encouraging to Brown, who added that Embiid was progressing toward being cleared for contact.

The Capitals won at Nationwide Arena after Columbus won the first two games — both in overtime — in Washington. It was the Capitals’ turn to prevail in OT, this time on the Blue Jackets’ home ice, to pull to 2-1 in the best-of-seven series.

It means a ton, a win like this after playing for that long, Eller said. I’m sure they feel a lot more tired in that room than we are feeling right now. It gives you a lot of energy. It’s going to be a battle again in Game 4.

Mark Glowinski Authentic Jersey Tom Wilson and John Carlson also scored, and Braden Holtby stopped 33 shots for the Capitals, who were in danger of falling into a nearly insurmountable hole had they let the game slip away.

The Blue Jackets had never led a playoff series until Thursday night. With Bob locked in like never before in the Stanley Cup playoffs, they’re two victories away from advancing to Doug Flutie Authentic Jersey the second round for the first time in franchise history.

I would say your career is a journey and you learn some things here and there, Bobrovsky said. It doesn’t matter what’s in the past. When we’re gonna play third game, it doesn’t matter what happen tonight. Each moment is huge right now, and you just have to be ready.

Burrell is the third offensive lineman to transfer from Ohio State this offseason, joining Jack Wohlabaugh and Kevin Feder.

The most serious charges against Jets receiver Robbie Anderson from a Jan. 19 incident in Sunrise, Fla., have been dropped, but he still faces a misdemeanor charge of reckless driving, according to Andy Slater at 940 AM WINZ in Miami.

Anderson, 24, allegedly shot past a marked police car at 105 mph in a 45-mph zone, running two red lights. After finally coming to a stop, Anderson, according to the police report, told the officer he would find the officer’s wife and “f–k her.’’ The report also stated Anderson accused the officer of trying to “ruin his fun.’’

Jack told me, “Just be ready for the opening kickoff.” And as the ball is being kicked, I said, “You have to be careful here. Indianapolis is last in the league this year in covering kicks, and it’s fielded by Devin Hester at the 7.” I’m thinking Jack Whitaker, and I’m thinking Jack Whitaker as Hester gallops 93 yards for the touchdown, the first-ever opening kickoff return touchdown in Super Bowl history. I’m not into calls, but that might be my favorite call of my career, because Jack Whitaker foreshadowed this two weeks in advance and told me to be ready for it! And there was Hester galloping 93 yards for the touchdown, and every step of the way I was thinking of Jack Whitaker, God bless you.

Do you know how many big men Lillard has buried with his lefty hesitation dribble? Davis sticks with him and then swallows Lillard’s shot.

Lillard and McCollum could not get comfortable attacking Davis in the pick-and-roll. He intruded into their space, and even when he was perhaps a step too far toward the paint, Davis closed like a demon with those preposterous arms.

It is no coincidence Lillard got his cleanest off-the-bounce looks when Davis rested. New Orleans didn’t even play bad defense on those shots. Lillard just has more room, and cleaner sight lines, when Mirotic or Cheick Diallo is the one lunging at him.

Related: Gentry has to be careful sitting Jrue Holiday and Davis together! New Orleans was minus-4 in two such minutes in Game 1.jets_052

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Karablog: Is it finally time to trust Blake Snell?

Mariners: LHP James Paxton (0-1, 5.74) opens a four-game series Monday against the Astros. Paxton tied a career high with 10 strikeouts in his last start at Kansas City.
Game Nike Men's Montell Owens Blue Alternate Jersey: NFL #34 Detroit Lions
Limited Mens Jonne Tammela Jersey Even when he gave up a long ball to Taylor Motter in the fifth, Manaea responded by retiring his final seven batters.

Last year, it was kind of like a dark spot, I guess. Anything that would go bad, immediately terrible thoughts would pop in my head and just keep getting me further and further down, and there were times I couldn’t get out of it, Manaea said. Where I am now, solo home runs aren’t going to kill you. That’s just kind of the mindset.
Elite Matt Schaub Jersey
The homer was one of just two hits allowed by Manaea (2-2). It was the third time in four starts this season he has lasted at least seven innings, and he’s allowed two runs or fewer in each outing.

I don’t know where we’d be without him at this point, Oakland manager Bob Melvin said. He saves the bullpen. He’s pitched great and won games for us. He’s had a heck of an April, for sure.

Blake Treinen finished with a four-out save as the Athletics ended Seattle’s four-game winning streak and avoided a series sweep.

Lowrie provided all the offense the A’s needed with his homer in the first, which came after an odd play when a balk call was revered.

Marcus Semien singled and then appeared to get picked off first base before a balk was called on Hernandez. After the umpires huddled, the balk was called off and Semien returned to first. Lowrie followed with his fourth homer, giving Oakland a 2-0 lead.

Mahle has never faced the Brewers.

The Reds could go into the series finale without catcher Devin Mesoraco after he suffered a bruised wrist Tuesday night.

Brewers starter Junior Guerra hit Mesoraco with a pitch in the second inning but Mesoraco remained in the game until the sixth, when Tucker Barnhart took over behind the plate.

X-rays revealed no fracture, and Price said Mesoraco will be examined again Wednesday morning.

We’ll see how he is tomorrow, if there’s some things he can do for us off the bench, Price said. I think he’ll be able to catch and do Jay Ajayi Authentic Jersey whatever he needs back there but we’ll see how he can handle the bat.

Phillies: RHP Jerad Eickhoff (strained right lat) has resumed throwing off a mound and could be back next month.

Rays: Cash said RHP Nathan Eovaldi (right elbow surgery) may return in late May. … 1B Brad Miller (strained left groin) is expected to start a minor league rehab assignment this week.

OBJ won’t be off the market until he signs a long-term deal

Plenty of questions still linger regarding whether the Giants will trade receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Some think he’ll be traded. Some think we won’t be traded. (Some think both.)
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Because her jaw was broken on both sides and she was having difficulty breathing, she was airlifted to another hospital, where she Womens Tyler Higbee Jersey remained for three days.

The Mansfield Police Department interviewed Bailey Tuesday and confirmed Boykin was under investigation. Bailey’s the same woman who was with Boykin when the car they were in backed into a nightclub. She said that happened because they were fighting in the car. He was charged with possession of marijuana and public intoxication, but those charges against him were dropped last month.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones met with Bryant for roughly 20 minutes on Friday, as Jones made the move without offering Bryant a pay cut. The Cowboys saved $8.5 million against the salary cap by cutting Bryant, the franchise’s all-time leader in touchdown receptions.

Prescott was at The Star working out with teammates when the news came that Bryant had been released.

Dez is going to be a hard guy to replace, Prescott said. He’s a talented guy, so he’ll be missed.
Limited Womens Rickard Rakell Jersey
Rasul Douglas Authentic Jersey In an interview with NFL Network, Bryant insinuated that coaches played a part in his release as well as players he labeled as Garrett guys and captains.

Prescott was one of the captains last season, along with Jason Witten, Sean Lee, Tyrone Crawford, Dan Bailey and Orlando Scandrick, who was released earlier in the offseason.

Packers receiver arrested for making bomb joke at airport

Emmanuel Ogbah Authentic Jersey
While not quite on the level of shouting fire! in a crowded theater, whispering bomb in an airport apparently will get a guy arrested.
Limited Ronnie Stanley Youth Road White Nike Jersey - #79 NFL Baltimore Ravens Vapor Untouchable
Packers receiver Trevor Davis learned that lesson the hard way. According to TMZ, Davis was arrested at LAX after making a joke at the luggage counter about having a bomb in his bags.

If Buffalo doesn’t do anything with its higher first-rounder, one can assume at least two quarterbacks will be off the board within the top 11 picks. USC’s Sam Darnold to the Browns at No. 1 is not yet a lock, but at worst, he would be gone at No. 2. The Jets moved up to No. 3 with the likely intention of taking either UCLA’s Josh Rosen or Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield.
Edmonton Oilers Authentic Jersey
They’re not going to cheer for that, Stanton said. So what do you expect?

As in his final at-bat, there was a runner on base during Stanton’s eighth-inning strikeout. That was one of three at-bats Sunday in which he failed to put the ball in play with a runner on base.

Today was a good day for us, Morris said, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. It wasn’t great. It wasn’t average. I saw some great things. I saw some things that make me want to go home and drink heavily.

Morris was originally hired by Bruce Arians, so who knows, this might have been part of the plan.

Strength coaches are, by nature, an eccentric sort (Morris apparently doesn’t like wearing shoes). Sam Martin Jersey But he said it’s hard to gauge what kind of shape players will be in when they arrive.

Asked what would potentially send him to the bottle early, he replied: Seeing some of our skill guys dragging. Fatigue is always going to be a factor in everything. I’m not a fan of personal terrorists. Everybody knows that.

Le’Veon Bell may be ready to follow in Kirk Cousins’ footsteps

Le’Veon Bell‘s comment on Thursday that he feels like Pittsburgh treats him as a villain suggests that he might not be in Pittsburgh much longer. And if he’s approaching this season with an eye toward leaving Pittsburgh a year from now, he has a role model he knows well: Kirk Cousins.

But if Bell doesn’t feel wanted in Pittsburgh and doesn’t think the Steelers are willing to pay him the kind of money he deserves on a long-term deal, the best way to find out what he’s worth on the open market is to do exactly what Cousins did: Play out his rookie contract, sign the franchise tender twice, and then hit free agency. Bell wouldn’t get the kind of contract Cousins got because no running back is going to get a quarterback contract in today’s NFL. But Bell could re-set the market for running backs by hitting the market in a year.

Via TheBigLead.com, Boston Sports Journal has crafted an intriguing bit of (mostly) speculation regarding the possibility of the Patriots trading Gronkowski. Citing a “Bill Belichick-friendly source” (that’s the first time “Belichick” and “friendly” ever have been used in the same breath), Greg Bedard suggests that, when circumstances force the Patriots head coach to contemplate life without a given player, the Patriots head coach begins to warm up to the idea of not having the player.

Bedard identifies the Rams and 49ers as potential destinations. The compensation for Gronkowski, who has two years left on his current contract and may have only one year of football left in his career, isn’t clear. Let’s assume that the Patriots could get a first-round pick for Gronk.

If that’s the case, there’s no reason for the Patriots to finalize the deal now. Whether it’s the Rams at No. 23, the 49ers at No. 9, or anyone else, the goal would be to acquire the pick not four weeks in advance of the draft but when the pick is on the clock. This would prevent the Patriots from being leapfrogged by a team that successfully guesses its intentions for the pick.

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Skoglund may get nod for Royals vs. Mariners

Game Mens Shaquill Griffin Jersey There are rumors of a probable Eric Skoglund sighting on Tuesday night at Kauffman Stadium.
Women's Ricky Rubio Swingman White Nike Jersey: NBA Utah Jazz #3 Association Edition
Skoglund is listed as the Kansas City Royals pitching probable for the second game of the series against the Seattle Mariners.

It has been 23 days since Skoglund was last seen on the mound. That would be March 17, when he went four innings in a spring training game against the Texas Rangers, a 7-6 Kansas City victory. He was scheduled to pitch on March 26, the exhibition finale in Omaha, but bad weather cancelled the contest.

While this will be Skoglund’s first appearance against Seattle, Mariners starter Felix Hernandez will be making his 15th career start against Kansas City.

Authentic Malcolm Subban Jersey Hernandez is 5-6 with a 3.05 ERA, allowing 32 earned runs over 94 1/3 innings. He is 2-4 with a 3.00 ERA in seven career starts at Kauffman Stadium. Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar is 7-for-22, .318, off Hernandez. Alex Gordon is 4-for-27, .148, off Hernandez, but likely won’t be in the lineup. Gordon has a groin strain that kept him out of the lineup Monday in a 10-0 Royals’ rout and he will likely miss another couple of games.

We don’t want to push it this early, especially in this type of weather, Yost said.

The Mariners will be without first baseman Ryon Healy, who went on the 10-day disabled list with a right ankle sprain. He suffered the injury in a post-game conditioning workout Saturday. After an MRI in Minneapolis, he returned to Seattle to confirm the results with Mariners orthopedist Dr. Edward Khalfayan.

I haven’t heard the findings, Mariners manager Scott Servais said. The doctor wanted to take a look at it himself. We’ll just have to wait and see how it moves along.

The M’s promoted right-hander Chasen Bradford from Triple-A Tacoma to replace Healy. Bradford’s addition gives Seattle a nine-man Authentic Luc Snuggerud Jersey bullpen. Bradford pitched three scoreless innings against the Royals in the series opener.

McDaniels said a conversation with Patriots owner Robert Kraft and coach Bill Belichick while he was cleaning out his office convinced him to stay in Foxboro. And though no promises were made regarding his future with the team, a pay raise and a good heart-to-heart made him rethink the move.