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The Capitals have signed general manager Brian MacLellan to a contract extension.

Washington and Winnipeg are in different places in their life spans as championship contenders. The Jets are building toward a title with a young core, while Alex Ovechkin and Co. are using an industrial-strength tire jack to keep their Cup window open.
Adidas NHL Women's Brandon Tanev Green Premier Jersey - #13 Winnipeg Jets Salute to Service
Irving, who missed a game last week after knee soreness initially flared, did not return for the second half of Sunday’s game. Boston, already playing without All-Star big man Al Horford (illness) and Jaylen Brown (concussion), watched a 12-point lead evaporate as Indiana rallied for the win.

A bright spot for Montreal came early. Gallagher scored the fastest goal against Columbus this season to start a game, only 34 seconds in. He redirected a high shot alone at the crease for his team-leading 25th.

The first shift, a turnover and they score it, Tortorella said. It didn’t affect Jason Grilli Jersey us. We just kept on playing.
Elite Womens Pat O’Donnell Jersey
Jim McCormick: With a relatively high usage rate of 27 percent this season, we are going to see some big lines from Nurkic littered throughout the campaign. I’m not dismissing last night’s effort, but this is a guy who takes 16.6 shots per 36 minutes, thus the scoring ceiling is impressive.
Limited Mens Quinten Rollins Jersey
My issue with Nurkic is that he’s not a capable stretch big, nor is he very good in the post. He’s hitting just 38.5 percent of his shots from between 3-10 feet from the basket this year and is a meager 58.4 percent from 0-3 feet from the rim for his career. All of which is to say, Nurkic is a heavy usage big man who isn’t an efficient scorer.

Going forward, I’d rather have shares of Jonas Valanciunas, a player with a stronger post game (70 percent from 0-3 feet this year) and superior rebounding metrics. In a league trending small and, as a result, demanding more from centers, Nurkic isn’t an ideal fit.

Dozens of Patriots from Super Bowl-winning teams claim brain-injury symptoms

Almost half of the players on the New England Patriots’ first three Super Bowl championship teams claim they have symptoms of brain injuries, according to a Boston Globe report.
Tre Madden Youth Nike Olive/USA Flag 2017 Salute to Service Limited NFL Jersey - Seattle Seahawks #38 Jerseys
Furthermore, the Globe found more than 340 former Patriots dating to the franchise’s inaugural season in 1960 have filed suits against the NFL and Riddell alleging brain injuries. Among those players are 10 Hall of Famers, including Sam Cunningham, Steve Grogan, John Hannah and Stanley Morgan. That figure also includes eight former players who were posthumously diagnosed with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), including Junior Seau and Aaron Hernandez.

It’s time for coach Mike Zimmer to replenish his defensive line depth, as Tom Johnson and Shamar Stephen are free agents. It will take some time for Bryan to put it all together as a pass-rusher in the NFL, but Authentic 12th Fan Jersey his athleticism and versatility to play either tackle or end will allow him to develop in the Vikings’ scheme.

New England Patriots: Justin Reid, S, Stanford
Reid, the brother of 49ers free-agent safety Eric, had an interesting meeting with the Patriots at the Combine. He’s the tough cover man New England needs to replace Patrick Chung, who turns 31 in August and will become a free agent in 2019.

Philadelphia Eagles: Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa
The Eagles might not be able to afford re-signing Patrick Robinson, who will be a hot free agent after dominating opponents in slot coverage last season. Jackson sticks well with receivers on intermediate routes and has a nose for the ball, lining up well for him to be an impact nickel back.

Rubin did not comment on the situation when asked by ESPN.

He owns stakes with the Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Devils and the Premier League team Crystal Palace. According to Forbes, Rubin is worth $3 billion.

He is competing against hedge fund billionaire David Tepper and debt collector Ben Navarro as candidates to buy the Panthers.

Game Mens Jaromir Jagr Jersey However, Rubin’s familiarity with the NFL due to Fanatics gives him an advantage since NFL owners paid $95 million for a 3 percent stake in the company.

Game Kids Jarome Iginla Jersey

Catch up on the 2018 NFL Combine’s fastest 40-yard dash times in 40 seconds

In physics, speed is a scalar quantity. At the NFL Combine, speed seems to correlate with the scales.
Men's Nike Jacksonville Jaguars #39 Tashaun Gipson Limited Olive 2017 Salute to Service NFL Jersey
Get set …

Randle could quickly agree to a lower 2018-19 salary than that $12.4 million hold, which would then replace that number when signed, but that seems improbable in the first few days of free agency next summer. What’s more, shedding Randle’s cap hold would not be enough to get the team to two max slots anyway, since that would open up $46.3 million 锟斤拷 less than two maximum salaries at the lowest tier. Since Clarkson’s salary is almost exactly the same as Randle’s hold, the same logic applies there.

That leads to Deng’s larger salary as the next potential target. Putting aside the fact that it would be hard to move his remaining two years and $36.8 million without attaching valuable assets, Deng alone would not be enough either. Clearing his salary puts the Lakers at around $51.9 million in space. That is sufficient for two of the cheapest tier of max players, but not enough for their lofty ambitions.

Speaks’ hilarious hi, how are you? moment from last season’s chippy installment of the most asinine rivalry in college football has long been assumed to be the happy coincidence of the Ole Miss defensive end spying ESPN’s sideline camera trained on his gleaming face and responding in kind to a national audience with a perfectly sardonic waving gesture. That assumption is wholly incorrect, though, as Speaks was waving at one specific individual on the CLANGA sideline: namely, then Mississippi State head coach, Dan Mullen.

At this year’s NFL Combine, SB Nation’s Alex Killorn Jersey Alex Kirshner asked Speaks about his famous wave, and Speaks had this to say:

SBN: What gave you the inspiration to find the camera in that moment?
Jakub Zboril Authentic Jersey
Speaks: I actually didn’t see the camera … I was waving at the head coach, and when I got to my phone I saw I was viral, people were thinking I was looking at the camera.
Elite Kids Olivier Vernon Jersey
SBN: So you were waving at Coach Mullen the entire time? Were you worried about getting a taunting penalty for waving at him or anything?

Jaromir Jagr still hoping to help Czech team but needs ice time

Jaromir Jagr said there were two seasons he left the NHL’s Calgary Flames this season for the Kladno Knights, the Czech team he owns.

“I’m here in Kladno, and my only and main goal is to recover, get back to form as soon as possible, to get healthy and help our team to reach the playoffs and try to advance to the [top Czech] league,” he said in February.

One problem: They might have to do it without Jagr, if they make it at all.

Kladno coach Pavel Patera told Blesk.ca that Jagr pulled himself from the game and told him, “You never know what will happen, and maybe we will need to use all the players we can, and I don’t want to take one place in vain.”

Kladno is up 3-2 in its seven-game series with Prostejov, with the next game on Thursday, so Jagr’s path to hitting that games-played quota is a complicated one. Let’s say they win the series, 4-2. Jagr would need to play in that final win and then hope Kladno loses at least one game in the next round so he could play in five more to hit the quota.

But if there’s anything we know about Jagr, it’s that the man likes to have options. Upon leaving the NHL, he also signed a contract with Trinec of the Czech Extraliga and was listed on their roster before the postseason cutoff date. If Kladno doesn’t win this round or the next round to reach the qualification tournament, Jagr could compete in the Czech Extraliga playoffs with Trinec, which begin next week — if he’s healthy. The rub is that once he plays for Trinec, he can no longer play for Kladno if it reaches the relegation round.

As we said when he left the NHL, this could be the end for one of hockey’s most legendary players.

Warriors “could be heard screaming in discomfort” as they took their showers, and “most of the players emerged shivering from taking a quick wash-off,” ESPN reported .

An Omnisport reporter, who was in the media photographer’s room after the game, heard similar complaints over a security guard’s radio.

“Man, they got to do something in ‘The Q.’ Somebody call Bron!” Kevin Durant yelled, per ESPN.packers_136

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Saquon Barkley among 10 top fantasy prospects from NFL combine

Youth T.J. Oshie Jersey
Penn State running back Saquon Barkley put on a show at the NFL combine with his freakish 4.40 speed and the upper-tier athletic traits that mesh with his game tape. This guy is legit. A home-run hitter. And he needs to be at the top of the fantasy radar throughout the draft process.
Men's Nike Cincinnati Bengals #11 Brandon LaFell Elite White NFL Jersey
While we wait on the 2018 quarterback class to get a better feel for the pro-team fits and projected impact, let’s focus on the offensive skill players who flashed in Indianapolis. From Barkley to LSU wide receiver D.J. Chark, here are 10 draft targets with the fantasy potential to boost your lineup this season.
Youth Ken Boyer Jersey
It is so deeply ingrained in the game’s discourse that when NBA commissioner Adam Silver sat down for an interview in November with ESPN’s Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, they believed it to be compelling enough to include as a part of a conversation that involved such topics as resting superstars in regular season games and changes to the draft lottery.

The 21-year-old is averaging 16.6 points, 7.8 rebounds and 7.2 assists per game on the season, but he has been passed over by Andre Drummond, Goran Dragic, Kemba Walker and Paul George for spots on the All-Star team.

This isn’t the Pro Bowl and players don’t usually get four extra chances to be on an All-Star team in the NBA, but this year it happened and Simmons is disappointed he did not get a nod despite all of the replacements.

It is what it is, but my stats don’t lie, he said.

Simmons averages more points per game than Drummond, more assists per time out than both Dragic and Walker, and more rebounds per matchup than George. He has a legitimate gripe and he’s trying to figure out why he wouldn’t get the nod.

Feed Anthony Davis. The Pelicans have gone 4-5 since losing big man DeMarcus Cousins to an Achilles injury, and Davis’ value to this team has been on full display during that stretch: In the four wins, he scored 43, 44, 38 and 42 points. New Orleans’ offense isn’t very imposing, unless the team gets Davis something like 25-35 shot attempts. It’s a tremendous load, but for a franchise desperate for a playoff spot, Josh Donaldson Authentic Jersey it’s their best chance.

NFL free agency: Redskins must help Alex Smith with more spending on offense

The Titans’ Avery Williamson, Brown’s former teammate, is the best prize here, but he probably will cost more than Brown. The Jets’ Demario Davis and the Colts’ Jon Bostic need to be in play due to their scheme experience. On the older side, the Chiefs’ Derrick Johnson and former Bear Jerrell Freeman are possible short-term solutions.
Men's Nike Chicago Bears #27 Sherrick McManis Game White NFL Jersey
Kendall Fuller is headed to the Chiefs in the Smith trade, and Bashaud Breeland will be leaving as a free agent. Josh Norman and Quinton Dunbar, who was extended as a restricted free agent on the first of the year, go in as the starters, with 2017 third-rounder Fabian Moreau in line to be the slot No. 3.
Mens Brett Cecil Jersey
Giannis Antetokounmpo had to leave Wednesday’s game early after he was poked in the eye, and his availability for Friday is unknown. If he has to sit, it opens things up for at least one of Khris Middleton, Eric Bledsoe and/or even possibly Jabari Parker to have a big night.

There are four heavyweight center matchups on Friday that are worth watching. Embiid squares off with Dwight Howard, Andre Drummond sees Nikola Vucevic, KAT meets up with Stifle Tower Rudy Gobert, and Nikola Jokic bumps heads with Marc Gasol. All are must-see TV.

Opposite Castonzo, right tackle remains an issue with neither Denzelle Good nor Le’Raven Clark looking like a legitimate answer. Jack Mewhort, who played right guard last season, is coming off season-ending knee surgery. Joe Womens Tampa Bay Rays Jersey Haeg’s slow development as a 2016 first-rounder continued at left guard.

Each position group is in Indianapolis for three days, and only one of those days is reserved for on-field workouts. The rest of the prospects’ time is spent going through psychological testing, injury checkups and formal (and informal) team interviews.

Medical checks are a crucial part of the Combine, as NFL team doctors go over and check on prior injuries (especially knee and shoulder injuries), investigate potential long-term affects of those injuries, inspect for degenerative injuries that may lead to a short career and ensure players don’t have any major health risks that otherwise would go unchecked.

With 22-year-old Josh Hart out due to finger surgery, the Lakers leaned more on Thomas on Thursday against the Miami Heat, and he responded with 29 points (11-20 FG, 1-2 FT), 6 assists, 6 3-pointers, 4 rebounds, 3 TO in 30 minutes off bench
Mens Chandler Catanzaro Jersey

The league is taking applications for amateur teams through March 8.

The Redskins also didn’t want to have too much money tied up in one player — unless it was for a quarterback at the level of an Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. Smith, once he joins the Redskins, will count $17 million against the cap this season.
Nike Justin Evans Men's Olive Limited Jersey: #21 NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Salute To Service
The Lions already made their Authentic Doug Harvey Jersey first big decision, franchising their own big-ticket free agent, defensive end Ezekiel Ansah. Detroit does have money to spend, and Quinn could have some big targets in mind (he has been aggressive in targeting positions of need in his first two offseasons by signing receiver Marvin Jones, guard T.J. Lang and offensive tackle Rick Wagner). But this year Quinn might not have to be as aggressive, continuing to focus on areas of improvement and building depth instead of trying to sign the biggest names possible. — Michael Rothstein

The Colts will have around $79 million in cap space to address their offensive line, pass rush, receiver and running back needs. General manager Chris Ballard already has said they won’t break the bank. His focus is building the roster through the draft. If the Colts do spend on free agents, you can expect it to be on a player who is still relatively young with a strong upside. The days of overspending on players on the decline — as was the case under former general manager Ryan Grigson — are over in Indianapolis with Ballard making the decisions. We won’t pay a mid-tier player [top-tier] money, Ballard said. — Mike Wells

The final of the top pro team versus the top amateur team will take place July 19. The winning team will take home $1 million.

The game will be played 7-on-7 on a regulation-size, 100-yard field.

Who’s an under-the-radar free agent likely to be in a bidding war?

Matt Bowen, NFL writer: Lamarcus Joyner, S, Los Angeles Rams. Joyner doesn’t have the national recognition at the safety position, but his tape is legit and his versatility in the secondary meshes with the modern game. Joyner can play over the top as a deep safety in the middle of the field, roll down to cover in the slot and has some thunder in his pads on contact. You want a defensive chess piece to counter today’s NFL offenses? Make a run at Joyner.
Game Kids Cory Schneider Jersey
Limited Kids Derek Anderson Jersey

Blood, spit and teeth: The grossest things NHL players have seen on the ice

3 years of braces were all for nothing. Became a real old time hockey player last night. Thanks to @anaheimducks for the emergency repairs last night.

Rickard Rakell, Anaheim Ducks defenseman: When you see teeth laying on the ice, it’s pretty gross. It happened just a couple games ago, for us, when we were playing Edmonton. Drake Caggiula had six teeth knocked out of his mouth. They were just laying there, in full sight. All the teeth and then some blood.

Matthew Tkachuk, Flames winger: When I was younger, I was probably 10 or 11, I played with a kid who got a skate to the neck. He was bleeding, it nicked his jugular. He went to the hospital — and ended up being fine — but it was really scary. There was a lot of blood.

Yes, between world juniors and the Olympics, they would have missed a chunk of the school year, and two tournaments in two months is a lot of hockey. But why not bring some of the most talented players eligible for Team USA to South Korea?

“I look at it two ways,” Johannson told USA Today last month. “How much hockey is too much hockey for these guys? And secondly, there is a big difference from what the world juniors are and what the Olympics will be. The world juniors is energy hockey and the Olympics will be played by older, experienced guys who play heavy hockey. [Mittelstadt] is obviously a wonderful talent, but I don’t know that the Olympics are right for him at this time in his career.”

It happened when I walked by one stationed outside Moose Mountain. Moose Mountain is a mini golf course where SB Nation’s video team has set up our staging area. As I type this, I’m currently sitting inside a plastic mountain that is the color of a moose. Tourists are mini golfing around us. Twangy country music is blasting from the tiny speakers. The walls inside Moose Mountain are hung with pulleys and old timey-looking tools, which I’m pretty sure are supposed to give off a “mining” vibe. I can hear screams from people riding the roller coasters on the other side of Moose Mountain.

First-round stud Solomon Thomas was a little overwhelmed as a rookie, but he showed late in the season he can live up to his freakish athletic potential. Elvis Dumervil plugged away as an effective situational rusher at times, but he’s 34. Cassius Marsh got a two-year deal as a key backup after playing well post-Patriots discard.

But after finishing tied for 27th in the NFL with only 30 sacks last season, the 49ers could use a big-time, veteran pass-rusher in his prime, a la the Jaguars’ Calais Campbell addition last year.bears_100

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Which Eagles players won’t attend the White House to celebrate Super Bowl?

The Eagles receiver said Wednesday 锟斤拷 four days before the Super Bowl 锟斤拷 that he wouldn’t attend the White House if invited.
Men's Adidas Los Angeles Clippers #23 Louis Williams Authentic Black Alternate NBA Jersey
Ryon Healy Youth Jersey Evander Kane showed his skill, scoring a wraparound goal under the watchful eye of many NHL teams evaluating him in person.

Kane had a go-ahead goal late in the second period and Marco Scandella scored with a second left in overtime, lifting the Buffalo Sabres to a 3-2 win over the Detroit Red Wings on Thursday night.

About a dozen scouts were at the game checking out Kane as a player to possibly acquire and they had a great view of his 20th goal, which was scored directly in front of them in the press box. Kane told reporters earlier this week he expects to be traded before Monday’s deadline.

He was glad the Sabres didn’t scratch him to protect against injury.
Elite Mens Joe Thornton Jersey
I understand the business so I can see why some teams choose to do that, but that’s not what I want, Kane said. I want to be on the ice with my team, no matter what is going to happen. I don’t want to watch.

He had been the oldest living former NFL player.

Known as The Toeless Wonder after a work accident while in college cost him four toes on his right foot, Agajanian still etched out a long NFL career. He was part of two championship teams, with the Giants in 1956 and Packers in 1961.

After having his right foot crushed by a freight elevator in Shea Theodore Jersey 1939 while attending the University of New Mexico, Agajanian went undrafted in 1941. Following a stint with the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II, Agajanian got his NFL opportunity with the Eagles.

Agajanian had to wear two different shoes, a size 11 on his left and a special squared-off size 7 1/2 on his right. He appeared in just one game with the Eagles and did not attempt a kick. He finished the 1945 season with the Steelers, successfully converting all four of his field goal attempts in five games.

Panthers pick up Frank Vatrano from Bruins for third-round pick

Elite Gerardo Parra Jersey
Mens Kent Bazemore Jersey The Bruins stayed active as the NHL trade deadline nears, dealing forward Frank Vatrano to the Florida Panthers on Thursday for a third-round pick in the June draft.
Men's Reebok Tyler Johnson Authentic Royal Blue Home NHL Jersey: Tampa Bay Lightning #9 2015 Stanley Cup
Vatrano has appeared in 25 games with Boston this season, scoring two goals.

Looking into the future, they will have the same flexibility in 2019, as no key players will be eligible for free agency. They can continue to build the foundation without having to worry about dumping contracts to stay under the cap. Yes, there are holes in the lineup, but it’s a young team on the rise. Only one current starter is over 30 — nose tackle Steve McLendon. They unloaded most of the deadwood last year, cleaning up the cap in the process.

If scheme familiarity is important, this is the place. New offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates will install Mike Shanahan’s version of the West Coast offense. It should be old hat for Cousins, who played under Shanahan in 2012-13 with the Redskins. Knowing the playbook will make the transition to a new city and a new team that Charlie Coyle Youth jersey much easier. Bates is from the Shanahan coaching tree, the same tree that produced 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan and the Rams’ Sean McVay. Bates sees the game the same way as them, and that will create a comfort level that can’t be duplicated anywhere else.

Let’s get crazy. With the NHL trade deadline just days away, Victoria Matiash makes bold predictions in the fantasy hockey realm for every team over the closing weeks of the season.

Grabner was scratched from the Rangers’ 3-1 loss to the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday.

The veteran forward leads New York with 25 goals and six assists. There have been only three players in the last 40 years to have a season with 25-plus goals and single-digit assists, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Grabner, set to be an unrestricted free agent after the season, leaves a Rangers team that is 27-29-5 and has made no secret that it planned to unload talent ahead of Monday’s trade deadline.